Historical Tours

Savannah was founded in 1733 and is Georgia’s “First City”. However, her history goes back long before this recorded date. Various members of the “Creek Nation”, which were Native Americans, lived here before western man ever showed his face on the New World. Even before the “Creek”, groups of “Archaic” Indians started to visit the area as the Marsh began to form and various plant and animal started to abound. Oyster middens of Cockspur Island, as well as Ossabaw Island, date back several thousands of years.

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Time Stands Still
Of course, settlers from Europe in the early days started to make their mark on our fair city and countryside. Places such as Fort Jackson and Fort Pulaski still stand as a monument to these builders. The lighthouse on Tybee still stands proud and Her light still shines as an aid to navigation. Cockspur Lighthouse is being brought back by a group of dedicated men and women to her former glory.

Take a Tour With Us
There is a strong tie between the water and the people in the Low Country. So let Bull River Marina share this bit of history with you. See crab boats and shrimp boats working the water, much like the way their forefathers did as they made a living from the ocean.