InShore Charters Savannah, GA

The Thrill Of the Catch
Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the East Coast’s largest estuary on your way to the hottest fishing spots around. From first-timers to the most experienced fish hunters, that unmistakable tug on your line never fails to get your heart racing.

Fishing In Georgia
One of the most popular pastimes in the Georgia Low Country is fishing. Our moderate climate, calm seas, and beautiful estuaries make the region the perfect launch for a day on the water. As the seasons, fish species, and locations change, every excursion with us brings something fresh to your table!

Inshore Charters Rates
Call Bull River Marina Fishing Charters to arrange for a group of up to 4 adults per boat. Our rates are:

  • $375 for 1 Or 2 Anglers
  • $50 for Each Additional Adult
  • $25 for Kids 12 Years Old And Younger

What’s Included?
Full or half-day inshore charters include a voyage on one of our large and comfortable power boats captained by a USCG-licensed expert fishing guide. Our charters always include:

  • Rods and Reels
  • Bait and Tackle
  • A Cooler Stocked With Ice-Cold Water

What To Bring
Bring a lunch and a six-pack of your favorite brew. We’ll put it into the cooler for you to toast your fishing success. If you have any special requests that will make your trip even better, let us know!

Spring Fever
Red Drum fish start their activity when the weather begins to warm. Also known as Redfish or Spot Tailed Bass, they can range from plate to trophy photo sizes. Light tackle, baited with shrimp or minnows, is all it takes to lure these opportunistic feeders out of their hiding places in the creek mouths, backwaters, and inlets.

Sizzling Summers
In addition to Red Drum, Sharks are a prized summer quarry in our area. As the water temperature rises, they move in from deeper water to spawn and feast in the nutrient-rich outflows around the islands. There’s nothing like bringing up one of these magnificent ocean creatures! If catching sharks isn’t your cup of tea, there are always Red Drum waiting to provide plenty of gamefish action.

Fall Harvest
Sea Trout are now ready to latch on to your bait. They’ve been growing since early spring and are hungrier than ever when autumn sets in. This is also the season for flounder. Baked flounder filet with a crabmeat stuffing is a Low Country delicacy you won’t want to pass up.

Winter Migrations
As cooler temperatures prevail, the Sheepshead come into prominence again. As with most crustacean-eating fish, this one has a deliciously sweet and firm-textured flesh. Once you get past the weird-looking teeth and sheep-like facial features, you’ll be glad you wet your line around the barnacle-encrusted pilings and rocky outcrops where they hang out. Sea Trout continue until the much colder weather drives them out to deeper water.

Why Choose Us?
We’re proud of the fact that Bull River Marina Fishing Charters can provide a great fishing experience for all kinds of skill levels and fishing styles. Our flexible service and enthusiastic guides are the best in the Tybee and Savannah areas. In addition, we welcome any and all special requests. Just contact us and we’ll make every effort to provide the best fishing expedition you’ve ever had!