Shark Toothing/Fossil Hunting

As our planet has aged, the water levels have risen and fallen many times, creating huge inland seas as well as changing the location of the coastline. Many species like the Miohippus or three-toed horse inhabited most of North America some 25-32 million years ago during the Oligocene. Another unusual fossil found belongs to the Camel family, the Camelops. The ancient camels were the forerunners of those of today, dating back to the late Pliocene to the end of Pleistocene, or from about 44 million years ago to about 10,000 years ago. From Mammoths to Megalodons, every trip to Shark Tooth Island is a discovery to the past.

Explore History
The trips we’ve been on have yielded an abundance of artifacts, including all manner of prehistoric sharks, Mammoth bones, Camel bones, Horse, even ear bones of Whales dating back to the Pliocene. We have found much more than bones. Our antique treasure finds include bottles, buckles, and pipes dating back to the 1800s. Imagine the look in your children’s eyes as they come face to face with dinosaurs and the Civil War!

$175 total round trip for up to 6 passengers 

$29 per person for 6 or more passengers

We offer both guided and unguided trips, so we can handle almost any group’s need.