The Crew

Everyone knows that a business is no better than the crew that staff it. That’s no different here at Bull River Marina. From the friendly and knowledgeable crew that take your calls to the dock hands that keep things ship shape around our facilities, you’re in good hands when you take an adventure with us. So, let’s meet the crew:


Captain Madison Daly
Captain Madison Daly was born with a love and connection to the water. At three years old, his dad took him fishing where he caught his first fish, a 20-inch flounder. Madison often takes his clients to this lucrative fishing spot that he has so many fond memories of. Living in Savannah for most of his life, Madison not only provides a memorable fishing experience, but also a rich knowledge and understanding of the host city’s history. Having a Degree in Environmental Science and Business Economics from Wofford College, Captain Madison will leave you with a new perspective on marine life and an appreciation for Savannah’s history.

Captain James Daly                                                                                                                                                                                                               Captain James Daly has spent his whole life on the water. In fact, his first word was “boat”. His passion for fishing was kindled through his childhood trips with his father. Today, his love for the sport has continued to grow. He received his master captain’s license two years ago and has been operating as a saltwater fishing guide since. James has an appreciation of marine ecosystems and the natural processes within. He graduated from Wofford College with a degree in Environmental Science and Business.