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Sharktooth Island Fossil Hunting

Sharktooth Island

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Shark Tooth Island

Shark-tooth Island is only available to visit at low tide, so this trip leaves at different times each day depending on the tide. The island is located in the Savannah River a short boat trip through the beautiful Marshlands of Coastal Georgia. This is a 3 hour excursion in which your Captain will drop you off on the island and then pick you up at the time it states on your reservation. We also offer a private shark tooth tour excursion which is led by a local guide who will educate you on how to best search for fossils and comb the shore for shells and other treasures. Guest must be capable of climbing off the bow of our open vessel onto the shoreline in water ankle to knee-deep. On this outing you will get WET, SANDY and very MUDDY, if you’re lucky! 

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Explore History
As our planet has aged, the water levels have risen and fallen many times, creating huge inland seas as well as changing the location of the coastline. Many species like the Miohippus or three-toed horse inhabited most of North America some 25-32 million years ago during the Oligocene. Another unusual fossil found belongs to the Camel family, the Camelops. The ancient camels were the forerunners of those of today, dating back to the late Pliocene to the end of Pleistocene, or from about 44 million years ago to about 10,000 years ago. From Mammoths to Megalodons, every trip to Shark Tooth Island is a discovery to the past.

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